Press Release – October 30, 2023

State Attorney John F. Durrett announces that Norman Dale Queen, having been found guilty by a jury aggravated battery with a deadly weapon in June by a jury in Columbia County, was sentenced on October 23, 2023, as a Habitual Felony Offender to twenty years in the Florida Department of Corrections. Mr. Queen was a fourteen-time convicted felon and had last been released from prison just a little over three years prior to this incident.

The Defendant in this case was proven to have stolen the victim’s alcoholic beverage and cigarettes then engaged in a bar fight with the victim. During said fight the Defendant stabbed the victim numerous times causing severe injuries. The Lake City Police Department investigated the case and deemed it to not be self-defense, and the jury ultimately agreed.

The State of Florida was represented by Assistant State Attorney Michael Pope and Assistant State Attorney Chase Larsen.

The Honorable Leandra Johnson conducted the sentencing.