It is the policy of the State Attorney that all victims and witnesses shall be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion during the judicial process.

As a crime victim, you have certain rights guaranteed by the Florida Constitution, Article I, Section 16 and the Florida Statutes, Chapter 960.001. In the aftermath of a crime, to some victims and witnesses, the judicial process can be complex and confusing. Therefore, the information being provided is to help you understand your rights; assist you in navigating your way through the process, and to provide you with available resources.

The process of justice may take time. Your cooperation and patience are appreciated very much. We hope this will help you to better understand your rights and what to expect during the prosecution of the case. If we can answer any questions, please feel free to contact us.

State Attorney’s Office Victim-Witness Services

The State Attorney’s Office Victim-Witness Program provides the following services:

The Victim-Witness Program empowers victims to know what is happening and what to expect by ensuring that all victims and witnesses are aware of the rights and protections afforded to them. Because victims often have a variety of needs, including emotional, financial, and physical needs, it is the goal of the program to (1.) Keep victims informed throughout all crucial stages of the judicial process; (2.) Allow victims to participate in the process without fear and intimidation; and (3.) To provide victims with referrals to other services, supports and resources needed to successfully navigate through this process.

    • Criminal Justice Advocacy and Assistance, which includes:
      • Information on case status
      • Courtroom orientation and accompaniment
      • Transportation
      • Assistance with preparing Victim Impact Statement and seeking restitution
      • Assistance with filing Crime Victim Compensation and address confidentiality
    • Information and referral to other services, supports and resources
    • Personal advocacy and accompaniment

During the judicial process, you will be working with an Assistant State Attorney and a Victim-Witness Advocate. You can contact the advocate in the assigned counties to obtain information and guidance concerning your case.

Your Victim-Witness Advocate

Name Title Counties Served Address Phone Number Email
Fabray Wiggins Victim Counselor III Hamilton County Lafayette County 310 Pine Ave. SW
Live Oak, FL. 32064
(386) 362-2320
Katrina Quarles Victim Counselor I Madison County Suwannee County 310 Pine Ave. SW
Live Oak, FL. 32064
(386) 362-2320
Julie Glenn Victim Counselor I Columbia County 173 NE Hernando Ave.
Suite 420, Lake City, FL. 32055
(386) 758-0470
Michelle Hinkle Victim Counselor I Dixie County
Taylor County
115 West Drew Street,
Perry, FL. 32347
(850) 584-2886